Kirecom Italia :: Tasks || Kirecom Italia :: Tasks || Comoradio: Recently edited tasks 2015-11-12T19:46:05Z FS#150: Cannot send samples through contact form 2015-11-12T19:46:05Z 2015-11-12T19:41:19Z

Potential users cannot send their samples through contact form on:

PHP values are too low. Fixing.

FS#55: Layout issues on mobile 2015-01-18T14:34:50Z 2015-01-18T14:19:00Z

We're noticing mobile layout issues.

We're checking and eventually fixing.

FS#50: CDN Deactivation 2015-01-16T15:50:16Z 2015-01-16T11:26:01Z

We're removing from the CDN.

No downtime expected.

FS#47: Platform is causing overload to CPU 2015-01-15T21:39:32Z 2015-01-15T21:34:42Z has become unresponsive and unstable.

It's causing overload to Clarissa's CPU.

We're investigating.

FS#45: Problems with Opengraph 2015-01-12T20:44:42Z 2015-01-12T20:44:27Z

We're having problem with Opengraph parsing.

HTML tags are not stripped and they mess up the Opengraph markup.

We will fix.

FS#38: Problem with sending mails from PHP scripts 2014-12-22T11:17:17Z 2014-12-22T11:17:01Z

Postfix does not accept email from sendmail.

We will fix it.

FS#27: Sendmail problems on relay 2014-10-14T14:17:48Z 2014-10-14T14:17:26Z

We found a problem on send mail with WP + PHP + Sendmail.

We will correct the problem re-implementing Postfix.