Kirecom Italia :: Tasks || Kirecom Italia :: Tasks || Proloco Copertino: Recently edited tasks 2015-01-31T17:05:33Z FS#70: DNS is not resolving anymore. 2015-01-31T17:05:33Z 2015-01-31T17:01:45Z

We're checking the issue.

Probably is not present on the DNS zone anymore.

FS#53: Cannot upload media 2015-01-17T18:18:26Z 2015-01-17T18:18:15Z

Due to a permissions problem, it's impossible to upload media on the platform.

We're fixing.

FS#15: Forward mail not working 2014-08-27T21:20:01Z 2014-08-27T21:01:45Z

Email forwarding to the address is not working.

Command rejected --> Undelivered.

Checking the issue.