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 207 Kirecom.netCMSBugCritical Site is not displayed in the right way Closed
Task Description

Logo is missing and a black bar is appeared on the top.


Checking the issue.

 156 Kirecom.netCMSDowntimeCritical is not working anymore Closed
Task Description Blank page, no output on screen. Also debug is not working. Checking.
 147 Kirecom.netCMSBugCritical Messy layout Closed
Task Description Layout is messed up because of bad upgrades. We're fixing the issue with the support of Envato.
 118 Kirecom.netPHP EngineBugCritical PHP Engine crashes on admin dashboard Closed
Task Description We suspect a problem with W3 Total Cache. Fixing up...
 35 Kirecom.netHardware / ServerImprovementsMedium ZendGuard installation Closed
Task Description We're installing ZendGuard to improve mid-level code caching on every network. No downtime expected.
 34 Kirecom.netMySQLDowntimeCritical MySQL isn't responding Closed
Task Description Due to a conf error, MySQL isn't restarting. We updated the conf to solve.
 33 Kirecom.netHardware / ServerImprovementsHigh Server transfer Closed
Task Description We're migrating to a new SYS-SSD-1 server in order to improve performances. No downtime expected. Services will regenerate mail certificates. Please accept them if asked by the mail client.
 29 Kirecom.netHardware / ServerManutentionMedium and .130 cleaning Closed
Task Description We are requesting cleaning of those IPs owned by us in order to re-use them for mailing services. We hope DNSBLs will collaborate.
 28 Kirecom.netNetworkImprovementsMedium IP reverses Closed
Task Description To improve our cleaning out of blacklists, we will change our IP's reverses DNS to * format. No downtime expected.
 26 Kirecom.netMailManutentionHigh Postfix restore Closed
Task Description In order to resolve problems on sendmail, we'll restore Postfix. No downtime expected on mail system.
 24 Kirecom.netNetworkManutentionCritical Rescue mod activated. Closed
Task Description After a freezing, we're making hardware diagnostic to found out if it's an hardware problem. Downtime: 1 hour.
 20 Kirecom.netHardware / ServerManutentionHigh Startup Processes Closed
Task Description We're defining new rc levels for QMail process in order to fix startup. No downtime expected.
 19 Kirecom.netHardware / ServerManutentionLow Server reboot Closed
Task Description We're rebooting the server in order to clear RAM from Plesk processes. No downtime expected, CDN will serve static pages.
 17 Kirecom.netMailImprovementsHigh Replace Postfix with QMail Closed
Task Description We're replacing Postfix with QMail in order to resolve problems with forwarding. No downtime on mailing system expected.
 16 Kirecom.netHardware / ServerDowntimeHigh Server Reboot Closed
Task Description Due to this task ----> We reboot the server in order to free RAM. Downtime expected: None. CDN will serve static pages.
 9 Kirecom.netPHP EngineManutentionMedium PHP Upgrade Closed
Task Description To keep us up to date with security patches, we're now doing PHP upgrade to 5.4.4. No downtime expected.
 2 Kirecom.netNetworkRe-projectingMedium Re projecting Closed
Task Description The site will be re-designed starting from 5/2/2015. Launch 1/6/2015.
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