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 136 Pianeta MilanHardware / ServerBugHigh Exporting to RCS, putting online new platform. Closed
Task Description RCS is about to put online their new platform. Kirecom will export via XML articles and the import should start today.
 127 Pianeta MilanCMSBugHigh Lateral widgets are not working Closed
Task Description Checking why lateral widgets are not working anymore for displaying latest posts. Restoring last working backup...
 116 Pianeta MilanHardware / ServerDowntimeCritical Migrating and updating to Apache 2.4 Closed
Task Description We're migrating hanna to a new and more powerful hardware. No downtime expected. Ram will be 16 GB after migration.
 115 Pianeta MilanHardware / ServerDowntimeCritical RAM overload Closed
Task Description Some processes are buffering and using too much RAM. We're checking the issue.
 100 Pianeta MilanCMSBugHigh Editor's bar is not working anymore. Closed
Task Description Editor's toolbar is not working anymore. Research of the cause and fixing is underway.
 96 Pianeta MilanCMSBugHigh Scheduling are skipping Closed
Task Description We're checking the issue.
 80 Pianeta MilanCMSManutentionCritical CryptoPHP detected by SpamHaus CBL Closed
Task Description We're running a scan on the network in aim to search if CryptoPHP is installed. It's not probable, maybe a false positive, but we can't exclude.
 77 Pianeta MilanCMSImprovementsVery Low New mobile interface Closed
Task Description We're implementing the new mobile interface with some cool features. Everything will work smoothly.
 62 Pianeta MilanPHP EngineImprovementsMedium PHP FPM is restricted. Closed
Task Description We're seeing that php5-fpm is not serving well output, settings are too restrictive. We're increasing max processes and max childs processes.
 59 Pianeta MilanCMSImprovementsLow Implementing Mobile ADS Closed
Task Description We're changing some CSS clauses in order to display ADS on mobile. No downtime expected.
 31 Pianeta MilanCMSBugLow Portrait view Closed
Task Description Portrait view is not displaying lateral modules. We are searching the reasons.
 25 Pianeta MilanCMSImprovementsLow Implementing banners spaces Closed
Task Description In order to improve marketing for this site, we will (by billing) implementing new spaces on the site. No downtime expected.
 14 Pianeta MilanHardware / ServerManutentionMedium Update on backup storage Closed
Task Description We're updating Debian on backup1.status.kirecom.net in order to keep us up to date with security patches. No downtime expected.
 13 Pianeta MilanHardware / ServerDowntimeCritical Server Reboot Closed
Task Description We're rebooting the server in order to clear RAM from Plesk processes. 2 minutes of downtime expected.
 12 Pianeta MilanPHP EngineManutentionMedium PHP Upgrade  Closed
Task Description To keep us up to date with security patches, we're now doing PHP upgrade to 5.4.4. No downtime expected.
 4 Pianeta MilanHardware / ServerMigrationMedium Pianetamilan.it ----> Temporarily on network.kirecom.ne ...Closed
Task Description See task: http://status.kirecom.net/index.php?do=details&task_id=3.
 3 Pianeta MilanHardware / ServerImprovementsMedium Plesk uninstall Closed
Task Description In aim to reduce costs, we will shutdown Plesk infrastructure and replace it with LAMP environment. License will be abandoned. We will prepare a spare space on status.kirecom.net server to avoid downtime.
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