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 141 Il Sito Dello ZooHardware / ServerMigrationCritical Change DNS to new server Closed
Task Description New site is ready. Changing dns of is in todo.
 108 Il Sito Dello ZooPHP EngineManutentionLow Raising limit of PHP5-FPM Closed
Task Description We're updating new limits of childrens enabled by php5-fpm in order to solve timeouts problem. No downtime expected.
 99 Il Sito Dello ZooPHP EngineDowntimeCritical Curl requests aborts Closed
Task Description Curl requests from PHP --> 105 servers are slow and sometimes they fails. We're on the problem with Virtualcom support in order to solve this problem.
 97 Il Sito Dello ZooPHP EngineDowntimeCritical PHP-FPM is stucked Closed
Task Description We're restarting it.
 95 Il Sito Dello ZooHardware / ServerMigrationHigh Migrating from Prometeus Closed
Task Description We're moving up data from Prometeus. Switch will not put in downtime the site.
 90 Il Sito Dello ZooHardware / ServerImprovementsMedium Configuring new server Closed
Task Description We're configuring new host: in order to schedule a migration of the site from Prometeus.
 22 Il Sito Dello ZooCMSManutentionHigh Plugin Updates Closed
Task Description Plugins will be updated. No downtime expected for this task.
 21 Il Sito Dello ZooCMSManutentionMedium Header image changement Closed
Task Description As we decided, we change the header image on No downtime expected.
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